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Today, at 70, I have the luxury to look back on an eventful life where lessons have been learned and pearls of wisdom collected.

Working with clients for the past 22 years, I have seen how sharing these pearls can be useful to support them on their journey of Healthy Living | Healthy Glorious Ageing.

Your life is full, working, looking after others and not enough time for yourself. You are wondering how you can fit everything you ‘should’ be doing in every day and where you will be in a few years’ time and what life has to offer then.


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A Simple, Straight Forward, Smooth Transition into Healthy Ageing Through Healthy Living

Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing

by Interview with Dudley Chamberlain


Anne speaks with passion and from the heart as she shares tips and lessons learned through her life.

Half hour breakfast/lunch presentations are fun and interactive.

Hear how you can include daily routines in your life that support your health and wellbeing.

Giving an Hour

Are you a principal, teacher or parent who wishes to inspire teenagers? Giving an Hour is the brainchild of 3 entrepreneurs who created Ambisie. Their purpose is to inspire and motivate the next generation.

Anne wants to give an hour as she wants to inspire young people. She shares her personal story that has helped others to look beyond what they know today.


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Anne wishes to inspire and empower and does this in an interactive and fun way. Amongst her many teachers are her children and clients. She shares simple steps to support health and wellbeing.

Life is full of possibilities even when we don't know what we want or where it leads us. We can reinvent ourselves, today's experiences are not set in concrete.


What They Say

Dr Karen Phillip, Virtual Hypnotherapy

“Thank you Anne for such a wonderful and informative presentation at the Naturopathy Conference in Melbourne recently. Your professional presentation was informative and most interesting. I will be following up with some reflexology not only for myself but also clients requiring additional treatments. You spoke with authority and rapport, engaging all of us in what you were teaching. I greatly appreciate the information you shared.”

Faris AlHajri – PhD (AM)

“Myself and my wife Gloria (a professional nurse with 25 years of experience in Nursing, who shifted to Holistic Medicine), tender our sincere thanks and gratitude on the marvelous presentation by Anne Hilarius-Ford; at the Naturopathic Physicians and Acupuncturists Conference, July 24-26, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Natural Facelift was a very unique presentation by Anne, as myself being a Holistic Health & Wellness Professional, and having discovered the hidden mysteries Aqua Calidum Therapy (Hot Water Therapy), with more than ten years of experience, fully agree with and deeply appreciate Anne's tremendous knowledge.”

Paul Turner (Osteopath)

“It was a great pleasure to hear Anne present on the topic of Reflexology and offer her wonderful insights and practical tips on a practice obviously very close to her heart: a very knowledgeable and helpful presentation. Thank you very much Anne.”

Denise Hibbs

“Thank you so much for a great talk at Ferntree Gully Library. It was such a successful event and we really appreciate your work and time in bringing that to us. It was really good to be part of the Jean Hailes Women's Health Week.”