6 Steps into Glorious Ageing

Prepare for an Active Third Age

You wonder what the future holds as you get older?

I hear you! Be empowered to live your best life now, knowing this opens the road into Glorious Ageing!
I know life is full as it is but, believe me, little tweaks can be made!
Learn steps that take little to no extra time now to get you there.
This helps you to live a life you feel confident prepares you for your
Third Age!

Dance, Play and have Fun in your Third Age

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I have created what I see as a Master plan for Healthy Living into Healthy Ageing! My name is Anne Hilarius-Ford, I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. With 70 years on this planet and 22 years with a busy private practice supporting clients with their health and wellbeing, I am now passionate to share lessons learned to Empower you to enjoy an active Third Age! No products involved!

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