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For thirty years I searched and searched for what I wanted to do, I couldn’t find it but knew there was something out there for me.

As the children were growing up, I decided to focus on the family. I enjoyed my work well enough to keep doing it.

My world changed quite dramatically at the age of 48. This was the year my marriage came to an abrupt end. Gradually, through my healing process, life offered me the platform of deep personal growth! Something I am still grateful for 22 years later.

The great gift was to find what I had been looking for! That thing I knew was there but couldn’t find for thirty years. My new ‘career’ came in the form of supporting others to be as healthy as is possible.

Reiki was the first step, and then, at the age of 50, I graduated as a Reflexologist.

I thank my beautiful clients for allowing me into their lives and to put their trust in me on their wellness journey, it is oh so special!

Since then, I have grown a deeper passion to share the lessons life taught me as well as the pearls gleaned along the way, including those offered by clients sharing their experience through the treatments.

Around the age of 65, I created a whole new approach to my ‘career’. The online workshops are tools to support Natural Beauty and Health. This is all about self-management at home without products.

Today, at 70, I am even more passionate about empowering other women on their journey through their 40’s and 50’s and beyond with a new programme 6 Steps to Glorious Ageing that is being tested as I am writing this, watch this space or contact me for more information!

It is never too late to change direction in life! It can be challenging as I have found as I pushed my boundaries and stepped out my comfort zone but it is oh so worth it! It has allowed me to overcome many obstacles.

What I can share from these experiences, is that we are so resourceful and resilient!

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