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Our Body

Part of Healthy Living into Healthy Ageing is to respect and look after the vessel you have been given at birth. There is no need to do this perfectly as this is impossible, remember, we are human beings. But you can either love the body you have or learn to love it.


Judging our body

Society and the media share their views on the beauty ideal and depending on where each of us stands in life, we take many of those views on board. This is mostly not useful. We can change this and accept ourselves, and our bodies, as they are, because they are perfectly imperfect.

A first step is to stop reading fashion magazines and stop seeing the perfect women pictured in there as being our ideal. A little note, if we had Barbie’s measurements, we would fall over! Those measurements are unrealistic.


Our body is a miracle

We often forget about the miracle our body is. It allows us to do all those wonderful things like moving around, eating beautiful foods and, so important, love others. It is when there is poor health, pain, discomfort, lack of strength or maybe even excessive weight, that we become aware of limitations. That is when we cannot be as active as is good for us.

The thought of how all cells in body talk to each other and keep each other functioning and healthy even when there are signs of illness or we have an injury, how it protects itself and recovers is phenomenal.


Body Shapes

Attending an all girl’s school in the 60’s and recalling the mix of all body shapes including some of our teachers, I remember one particular teacher who was solid built but all girls, and that is 1200 of them, admired her for who she was but also, we loved how she dressed, always elegant but nothing extravagant. We never ever judged her on her size. An engaging, bubbly, and energetic persona is what people see and we need to remember that.

That memory has remained with me and today I see people’s energy, how they engage with life and embrace new activities, that is what defines a person.


Move and Feed your Body

Remember to move your body regularly so that you feel strong, flexible and able to engage comfortably and with joy, daily, in all activities. it helps the happy hormones to flow which helps to lift your mood which in turn helps with self-confidence.

Feeding your body the right fuel is a big part of loving your body. You show it respect by doing that as the body knows how to handle real foods. Sugary and processed foods make it feel lethargic, tired and bloated. This slows you down and it also will stop you moving freely as energy levels are not being supported.

Listening to your body helps to find out when to eat, when to stop and rest when tired. Remember we do not put Diesel in a petrol car as this causes major problems. Feeding your body processed and sugary foods every day will also cause problems in the long term.



Love your body and it will love you in return, rewarding you with health, energy, and mobility

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