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We are generally too busy and preoccupied to consciously think about how we use our bodies, in particular how we stand. Photo credit Oregon Exercise Therapy

The following five steps are a guide on how to realign your body.

  1. Stand with the feet pointing straight forward or slightly inward.
  2. Realign the pelvis by simply squeezing your bottom with a very slight bend in the knees. For the majority of people this may be more effective when internally rotating the feet a little more, i.e. 10 to 15 degrees (big toes slightly towards each other). Roll the feet to the outside of the arch and then try to pull the back of the legs together without the heels moving. This will allow the thigh and butt muscles to work together; the squeeze alone is otherwise less effective.
  3. Create some tension in your core by slightly tightening your abdominals, just enough to feel the support.
  4. Correct your shoulder position by externally rotating your shoulders and arms i.e. rolling your shoulders back. This brings the shoulder blades closer together, your chest up and forward and your thumbs pointing away from the body, palms facing forward.
  5. While keeping your shoulders externally rotated, turn your hands back to neutral, so that your thumbs are now facing forward.

Walking Feet ParallelThe trick now is to walk with the feet in the same position. When looking down on them, it gives the impression of walking pigeon-toed when in fact your feet are parallel and facing forward. By getting used to this, your general posture improves.

Foot Mobilization is a technique that helps to realign the body as there is improved flexibility in the foot with improved weight-bearing.

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