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We all want a flat and muscled tummy, certainly after childbirth. I know, I have been there! The Relax and Activate Pelvis Muscles Method is of great benefit for older women but younger women, and men benefit hugely as well. Building and maintaining a strong pelvis supports an Active Future.

Traditional Methods

to Strengthen Hip, Tummy and Waist Muscles

Sit ups put strain on the spine, certainly the lower back. Yes, we can do crunches whilst lying down without moving much or just lifting the shoulders off the floor. This mostly still works the muscles up from the pelvic bone and the middle section of the abdomen. Very beneficial, however not supporting the full midriff.

In the past, women wore corsets to shape up the section between the base of the pelvis up to below the breasts. Today, women are much more physically active and build some real muscle! This is great to see as it makes for a stronger body overall, and this helps us with Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing.

We see more defined shoulders and arms as well as strong leg muscles to carry us through life. Love that.

At the gym or doing Yoga and Pilates muscle groups are worked but, you must take time out to use the equipment or attend the classes.

Strengthen Muscles in 5 Minutes/Day

What if I told you, that you can easily relax, strengthen muscles around hips and midriff as well as the pelvic floor muscles, at home, in your bed whilst meditating! Yes, it can be done, it made a difference to

  • my waist
  • abdominal muscles
  • core strength
  • my peace of mind
  • the pelvic floor muscles!

AND as it supports all internal organs there is more support for the bladder and uterus reducing the chance for incontinence and prolapse

AND all this in 5 minutes a day! Yes, you did read this correctly!

I do this exercise every single day as a meditation. The result is a quiet mind and strong muscles, including those that support all internal organs, even today, at nearly 70! This was confirmed by the gynaecologist I see.

RAP Method

Relax and Activate Pelvis Method

Do you want to know what I do? Here it comes.

Lie down comfortably in bed.

Relax and breathe in slowly. As you do this, expand the rib cage and diaphragm sideways and out, into the lower abdomen, pushing the tummy out and focussing on the breath.

When you exhale

  • pull the muscles on the side of the hips and waist as well as the core muscle just above the pelvic bone towards the navel
  • tighten all muscles between the anus and the clitoris
  • lift the vagina muscles up towards the navel

Hold your breath for 10 to 30 seconds

  • lift the vagina up further upwards towards the navel

Relax all muscles, breathe in and repeat this exercise for 5 minutes. If you are new at this, you can start repeating this exercise during 1 to 3 minutes and increase to 5 minutes.

The muscles on the side of the waist are called the obliques and strengthening them helps to define the waist, the stomach area and they help stabilize the spine. The obliques wrap around the torso and are the natural way to replace the corsets women used to wear to help define that area.

The other benefit of using and strengthening the muscles in this area is that the bowel is massaged, and you may experience an improved bowel movement!

Conclusion: Win-Win

All in all, this is a win-win, there is so much to gain from learning more about all this!

  • No extra time needed
  • Relax in bed
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improved bowel movement
  • Stronger pelvic core to support all organs in the pelvis
  • Flatter tummy
  • Stronger abdominal muscles


Consciously focus on the in and out breaths as well as on the muscles as you tighten and relax them. This has the added benefit of meditation, relaxing mind and body.


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