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Did you know the body is forgiving? We still need to look after it though. It is a symbiosis: you give, it takes but you take, and it gives, take a bit more and it still keeps giving AND forgiving.

There is an end to this though when we take too much. There is a limit to all ‘good’ things and exploitation without nurturing.

Our body wants to be well, it is an amazing piece of machinery that keep us going no matter what until the moment comes, unexpected, where life experiences, emotions or abuse will bring it to a halt/hiccup and we then need to work very hard to get it going again smoothly without us having to worry or think about it.

The moral of this story is – love your body, nurture it, give it the right fuel and take it around the block for oxygen and blood flow

One Body = One Life

Moral of this Story?

Nuture, Feed and Move for Healthy Living Towards Healthy Ageing

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